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Intimacy – Secrety

Through that series I want to talk about people’s intimacy. This theme inspire me from the beginning of my art work.
Intimacy in modern world is more and more important to us. We’re loosing our privacy very fast because of globalization. The reason of humanity is being individual, we always want to have most secretly place inside of us, to be ourself.

My works tell about different areas of humans. Shows our layers of intimacy/identity, as we represent to the world.
– 1st layer is outside surface, which is available for all. We create it to represent us in contact with other people.
– 2nd layer isn’t available for outside world which we don’t know. We’re open it only for selected group. If anyone from outside spy it, we fell uncomfortable.
– 3rd layer is our most secret, most intimacy surface, which we don’t allow even ourself. This is an essence of ourselfs, secret place.

The Notes

When creating the series The Notes, I thought about different ways of recording, visual presentation of human emotions, voice and time. And also I was looking for universal human language code.

The Elements

The Elements is a short series tolking about the primary emotions inside the man’s mind.