About Kacper Fornalczyk

photographer, designer, retoucher, webdesigner, fashion barcelona
29 years old photographer, retoucher, graphic designer, musician (drummer) and cooking enthusiast in one. Still remembering world without internet, mobile phones and social media. Just moved near to Barcelona. I started my adventure with art very long time ago, when I was 12 and I've got my first computer graphic program and I felt in love with pixels. Those days I didn't realize of course that will be my future profession, but I spent almost every day messing around with it, without any tutorials, books or even manual (it was a time when the internet almost didn't exist). It was magical moments when I was discovering something new. That passion is with me till now. I signed up for first photography school, then second and finally I've finished one of most prestigious Polish art academy.

Meantime I discovered my second passion and talent: to teach. I've trained over 1000 people at private photography school and Wroclawian University of Economy. Now, after moving to Spain I still teach photography at courses in Barcelona, because it's one of the most addictive thing I've ever tried. Almost the same addictive as creating photography or graphics.


2006-2008 Post-secondary study of photography PHO-BOS in Wroclaw
2008-2010 Higher study of photography AFA in Wroclaw
2010-2013 Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw


-over 5 years as a senior instructor of photography and photo-edition at the privat school.
-lectour at postgraduate studies of advertising photography at the Univercity of Economics in Wroclaw
-lectour of advertising photography at the Wielkopolska School of Photography
-6 years work as freelancer, including cooperation with Raifaissen Bank Polska, HP, Orange, Enfin Leve, Infinity and more others.