Corporate identity design

Nowadays corporate identity is most crucial aspect of company marketing. Without consistent image including logo, business cards, letter paper, gadgets etc. you will never reach to many potential customers. That are the basics of building credibility and trust. For last few years I've done many graphics designs for big, and small companies or individual persons.

Web design

I'm familiar with web design for almost 15 years when, as 14-years old boy, I've got my first computer with internet connection. First time when I looked at www I knew that I want to learn how it's works and how to make great web sites. Of course nowadays it's impossible to make everything solo. Now I cooperate with very good designers, coders and developers to offer highest standards websites including administrations panels (CSM like Wordpress or Joomla), help with hosting and updating.

Book, magazines and music records covers

Leftlets, posters, articules and other designs

There was a lot of designs in my career I can't put into one category. I've done some leaflets, magazine articles, art posters and instructions. Some of them was ordered, and some I've done just for fun or training. Or I just wanted to do it ;)